Tilak Kamod Description

Tilak kamod is distinct from rag Kamod (vide). Tilak kamod is equally popular in the semi-classical genres as it is in classical music, especially in the dhrupadtradition.

Tone material:  S R G m P D N

Most phrases in this rag move in a oblique manner.  Ga and Dha are omitted in direct ascent and S R m P /S with a glide between Pa and Sa, is highly characteristic of Tilak kamod.
Similarly, S \P D m G is a characteristic descent. Ga and Ni are important notes.
Some musicians also occasionally include flat Ni (Thakur [Sangitanjali I-1] 1977: 127). However, some musicians prefer to avoid it altogether (Vilayat Khan EALP 1259). According to some, Tilak kamod with both Ni-s is known as rag Bihari (Bhatkhande [KPM II] 1952: 182)

The descent progresses in a peculiar manner; instead of returning to Sa, it tends to go into the lower octave with a pause on natural Ni, as in  S \P D m G, S R G S N and then concludes like P N S R G \S.
P D m G and R G S N are complementary phrases.

Some characteristic phrases:

S R m P /S
P N S R G \S
S R P m G
S \P D m G

A large number of compositions are based on this rag. These include compositions in genres such as: dhrupad, dhamar, sadra, khayal as well as semi-classical genres such as thumri and dadra and popular forms like ghazal. In semi-classical style, the exposition of this rag may also include elements other than those described here.

Rag Desh has some similarities with Tilak kamod, especially when the latter also includes flat Ni. However a proper emphasis on Ga instead Re and the above phraseology can help maintain the character of Tilak kamod.

Prahar5 (6 pm - 9 pm)
Important Anuvaadi
Tanpura TuningP
Other CharacteristicsThough Ni is theoretically required in aroh, aroh is often sung omitting it, i.e., S-R-m-P-S’.
Performed during the later part of the prahar.
Similar RaagasDesh
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Alt. AarohaS-R-m-P-(N)S'
Alt. AvarohaP-n-D-m-G,S-R-G-S-'N-'P-'N-S-R-G-S