Rageshri Raag Description

Raga Rageshri (Rageshwari) is a Hindustani raga that has evolved and become popular in the past century. It has come to be known as the “Queen of Ragas”.

This Raag is a very melodious Raag. In music literature, Raag Rageshri is said to have both Shuddha and Komal Nishads. But these days artists choose to sing Rageshri mostly with Komal Nishad and use Shuddha Nishad very rarely.

In Avroh, S’ n D m G R S may also be taken. However, these days S’ n D m G m R S seems to be more popular. Madhyam is strong and D-G Sangati is Raag Vachak like: m G ; m D G ; G m n D ; G m R S. Sometimes in Aaroh, Rishabh is used as a Kan swar for Gandhar like: S G (R)G m R S.

Sometimes a varient of this Raag is sung using Pancham and is known as Pancham-Rageshri, like: G m P m G m R S ; S’ n D m G m P m G m R S. However, this is very rarely heard these days. These are the illustrative combinations of the Raag:

S ,n ,D ,n S ; G m R ,n S ; G m D m ; D G m ; G m D n S’ ; S’ R’ S’ S’ n D ; n D G m ; m G m R S ; D n S’ ; D n S’ R’ S’ n D ; m G R S ,n ,D ; ,D ,n S G m R S ;

The name Raageswari is a beautiful compliment to the musical scale this raga is based on. First it belongs to one of the most charasmatic set of notes of the Thaat Khammaj. The structure of the notes are so alluring that it has been one of the main “Go To” ragas for those light romantic moods. Raageshwari means “Queen of Ragas” named aptly so no doubt.
Another form of pakad utilized by some musicians is as follows
Rasa / Mood: Playful romantic moods are depicted in this raga frequently although this can quickly turn into moods of frustration, gloom and jealousy. All in all, a very expressive raga fitting it “Queen of Melody” title.
Comments/Hints: In some schools of thought, the Vadi and Samvadi notes are Ma/Sa
G M R R S, R ‘n ‘D N S | ‘D ‘n S G| ‘N S ‘n ‘D S M G | M D N S’ n D M G, M G R S, ‘N S ‘D ‘n S G |

Prahar6 (9 pm - 12 am)
Important Anuvaadi
Tanpura Tuningm
Other CharacteristicsShuddh Ni is vivadi, but is often used for aesthetic reasons.
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