Puriya Raag Description

Puriya is a major hexatonic raga of Hindustani classical music.This raga originated from Marwa Thaat or parental scale. In this second notes i.e. “Re” is Komal OR flat, the fourth note “Ma” is Teevra OR Sharp and the third and seventh notes i.e. Ga and Ni are Shuddha OR Sharp. This raga omits the fifth note “Pa” in both the ascending and descending order and hence its Jati is “Shadav” OR Hexatonic. Themost important or prominent note in this raga is “Ga” known as “Vadi Swar” and the supporting note known as the “Samvadi Swar” is “Ni”. The raga structure is more specific in the lower octave and hence the improvisation of this raga is basically done in the mandra and madhya sthaans. This phase keeps it away from raga “Sohani” which has its structure more in the Uttaraang OR Upper Octave. With flat “Re” and Sharp Ga and Ni categories this raga as “Sun-set Melody” OR “Sandhi Prakash Raga”. The phrase “Ni Ma”” brings the special effect in the raga. The following phrase in the “Mandra Saptak” distinctly identifies the raga’s individuality – “Sa, Ni Dha Ni, Ma” Ga “.

Prahar1 (6 am - 9 am)
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Tanpura TuningN
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