Nat Bhairav Raag Description

As the name suggests, Nat Bhairav rag is a combination of rag Nat and rag Bhairav (Shah [Bhairav ke prakar] 1991: 255). It is regarded as one of the varieties of Bhairav. The lower tetrachord has the notes of Nat whereas in the upper tetrachord Bhairav is evident. Therefore, except Dha, all the other notes are natural.

Tone material: S R G m P d N

In the ascent Re and Ga are included to maintain the impression of Nat, while the features of Bhairav: oscillating flat Dha and the concluding phrase – G m \R ~ S, albeit with natural Re instead of flat Re, are included as well to maintain the atmosphere of Bhairav. Sa and ma are important notes in this rag. Most movements in this rag are in the middle octave. Some musicians also use flat Ni, though sparingly, in the descent (ibid).

Some characteristic phrases:

S R R G G m-
R G m Nd~ ~ P
G m P G m \R S
R S \d~ P

This rag has a distinct character although at times imbued with impressions of Bhairav.

Time: early morning (ibid: 256)

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