Nand Raag Description

Raag Nand is also known as Anandi, Anandi Kalyan or Nand Kalyan. This melody impresses instantly and without any difficulty creates its own unique mood.

This Raag resembles Raag Bihag, Raag Gaud-Sarang, Raag Hameer and Raag Kamod. To avoid this resemblance, one should use these Raag Vachak notes: S G m D P R S.

After singing S G m P N S’ ; S’ N D P (resembing Raag Bihag), one should add these notes: G m P D N P ; D M P ; G m D P R S to clarify Raag Nand. In Avroh S’ D N P ; D m P G, these notes makes Raag Gaud-Sarang appear, so one should add following notes to make Raag Nand clear: G m D P R S G m.

Similarly to avoid the glimpse of Raag Hameer (G m D P) and Raag Kamod (M P D M P G ; G M P G M) one should add R S G m D P R S to make Raag Nand clear. The nature of this Raag is soothing and full of Karun Ras. This Raag can be expanded in Madhya and Tar Saptaks. The illustrative combinations of this melody are as follows:

S ; S G m D P R S ; G m P D N ; (D)P ; P D (P) m m P ; G m D P R S ; G m P N S ; P N R’ N D P ; P D M P ; G m (D)P R S ; G m P D N P ; P D P M D P G m D P R S;

Prahar6 (9 pm - 12 am)
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Tanpura TuningP
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