Multani Raag Description

Multani is a very melodious Raag belonging to Todi Thaat. But, it does not have any shadow of Todi Ang. It is a Meend Pradhan Raag.

,N S (M)g (M)g (S)r S is the Raag Vachak Swar Sangati of Multani, with Komal Rishabh receiving a Kan of Shadj and Komal Gandhar receiving a Kan of Madhyam Teevra using Meend. Hence both Komal Rishabh and Komal Gandhar are at higher shruti then the regular Komal ones. Similarly, in Avroh, Komal Dhaivat is at a higher shruti while rendering Meend from Nishad to Komal Dhaivat.

Pancham is an important note and is rendered like – P (M)P (M)g P ; g M g P ; (P)d (M)P. Aalaps and Taans are often started with Mandra Nishad. This Raag creates a heavy atmosphere and is perfect for devotional compositions. This Raag can be expanded in all the three octaves. Following are the illustrative combinations of Raag Multani:

S; ,N S M g ; (M)g (S)r S ; ,N S (M)g M P ; M P (M)g ; M g (S)r S ; g M P ; M P g ; M g P ; M d P ; P M g ; g M P N ; N d P ; g M P N S’ ; S’ g’ (S’)r’ (N)S’ ; N S’ N d P ; P d M P ; g M g M g (S)r S ;

Prahar4 (3 pm - 6 pm)
Important Anuvaadi
Tanpura TuningP
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