Melodic Intruments Description

A melodic percussion instrument is a percussion instrument used to produce several different notes of different pitches. Melodic percussion instruments are examples of pitched percussion and include mallet percussion and keyboard percussion.

Melodic percussion instruments take one of three main forms:

Collections of individual pitched percussion instruments in different pitches, such as hand bells and the angklung. Instruments that produce different pitches when struck in different places, such as the steel drum. Instruments that contain a collection of sounding objects tuned to different notes, such as the xylophone.
Many melodic percussion instruments have resonators, providing a second way of classifying them:

Some instruments such as the marimba have an individual resonator for each note.
Some instruments such as the hang have a resonator shared by several or all notes.
Some instruments such as the glockenspiel have no resonator.

Types of Melodic Instruments