Malkauns Raag Description

Rag Malkauns (A.K.A. Malkosh) is a very popular rag in the North Indian system (Hindustani Sangeet). In the South it is known as Hindolam. It is a pentatonic rag that has has the five notes Sa, Komal Ga, Ma, Komal Dha, and Komal Ni. One would think that with so many komal (flat) notes that it would have a strong minor quality about it. However, upon close examination we see that the absence of the fifth and the strong presence of the fourth causes the mind to “invert” it. Therefore, it tends to sound surprisingly similar to Dhani to which it has a murchana relationship.

Malkauns has a long history, and it appears to have undergone numerous changes over the centuries. It is said that Malkauns is derived from Malav Kaushik. However, modern Malkauns has no resmblence to this ancient rag.

The mood is meditative, perhaps even sad. Therefore, it tends to be played in slow to medium speeds.

The modality of Malkauns is not shared with any other rags. Therefore there is really no need to go beyond the basic mode in order to define Malkauns.

Prahar 6 (9 pm - 12 am)
Important Anuvaadid
Tanpura Tuningm
Other Characteristics Performed towards the later part of the prahar.
Similar Raagas Chandrakauns
Malkauns Pancham
Popular Film Songs
1. Aadha hai chandrama raat aadhi
Film: Navrang
Singers: Mahendra Kapoor Asha Bhosle
Taala: Dadra
Music Director: C. Ramachandra
Poet: Bharat Vyas
2. Man tarapat hari darashan ko aaj
Film: Baiju Bawra
Singers: Mohammad Rafi
Taala: Teen-Taal
Music Director: Naushad
Non-Film Songs1. Pag ghungharu baandh kar naachi (Bhajan)
Singers: Onkar Nath Thakur
Taala: Teen-Taal
Music Director: