Jhinjhoti raga Description

Jhinjhoti raga is considered as “Ashraya Raga” of Khamaj Thaat OR Parental Scale. Since all the seven notes are used in the raga, its Jati is Sampoorna OR Septatonic. The seventh note Ni in this raga is Komal OR Flat and the rest of the notes are Shuddha. The most important and prominent note in this raga is the “Ga” which is called the Vadi swar and the Samvadi swar OR the supporting note is “Dha”. The raga structure is more prominent in the lowermoctave and hence the improvisation of this raga is mostly done in the Mandra and Madhya Sthaans. This raga is generally performed between10.00 p.m. and mid-night . The third and the seventh notes i.e. the “Ga” and Ni are weak notes in the ascending order. Somethimes the flat OR Komal “Ga” and Sharp or Shuddha Ni are also found to have some place in this raga. The use of Sharp OR Shuddha “Re” in the ascending order differentiates it from Raga Khamaj.

This is a light and playful Raag, apt for instrumental music. In this Raag mostly light mood bandishen are rendered. In Aaroh, Gandhar is used only like – ,P ,D S R G m G ; and not otherwise. But in Avroh, Gandhar is a resting note like – S’ P D m G ; R P m G ; m G ; m G R S ,n ,D ,P ,D S;.

Jhinjhoti Raag is mostly expanded in Madhya and Mandra Octaves. The nearest Raag is Khambavati. Illustrative combinations include:

,P ,D S R m G ; m G S R ,n ,D ; ,P ,D S ; R m P D n D ; P D m G ; R G S R ,n ,D ; S ; R m P D n D ; P D S’ ; S R’ n D P ; D P m G ; m G R G S ;

Prahar6 (9 pm - 12 am)
Important Anuvaadi
Tanpura TuningP
Other Characteristics
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