Jaijaiwanti Raga Description

Raga Jaijaivanti also spelled as Jaijaiwanti is a rāga in Hindustani classical music in Khamaj thaat. According to the Guru Granth Sahib, this raga is a mixture of two other ragas – Bilaval and Sorath. This raga has not been mentioned in any ancient Indian classical scriptures on music. It is also not mentioned in the ragamalas at the end of Granth Sahib.

This is a very sweet and touching Raag that has a very wide public appeal. However it is a very complex Raag. There are several combinations that give flashes of various Raags such as R R G R R G m P m G m G R ; ,P R as in Chhaya Raga, G P D n G n n D P D G of Raag Alhaiya , R R m P N N S’ N S’ R’ n D , P D m G ; m G R ,N S of Raag Des  and these are intimately merged to give the overall atmosphere of Jaijaiwanti.

It should be well remembered that when R G R is with Shuddha Gandhar the Swar yojna must be in Aaroh only, R g R S must be done with Komal Gandhar ie in Avroh, komal Gandhar will be taken between two Rishabhs. Otherwise Shuddha Gandhar will be taken in Avroh if not taken in between two Rishabhs eg : S’ n D P m G R S.


Raga Jaijaiwanti is sung during the first prahar of the night – from six to nine in the evening. Its season of recitation is summer or grishma. It is noted to have been composed by Guru Tegh Bahadur.


Aaroha: Re ga(komal) re sa, re ga(shuddh), ma pa dha pa, ni sa
Avroha: Sa ni(komal) dha pa, dha ma ga re, re ga(komal) re sa

“Possible notes” : Ni Sa Dha NI(komal) Re, Re Ga(Komal) Re Sa,

Prahar 5 (6 pm - 9 pm)
Avaroha Mandra-Madhya
Tanpura Tuning
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