Hindol Raag Description

Hindol is a Hindustani classical raga.


The raga emerges from Kalyan thaat. It is an ancient raga associated with the spring season.

Technical description

Re and Pa are excluded completely. The only Teevra note used is Ma (henceforth represented by Ma#). All other swaras are shuddha.

Arohana: Sa Ga Ma# Dha Ni Dha Sa.

Avarohana: Sa Ni Dha Ma# Ga Sa.

Pakad: Sa Ga Ma# Dha Ni Dha Ma# Ga Sa.

The vadi swara is Dha, and the samvadi is Ga.

Jati: Audhva- Audhav

Samai (Time)

The raga is to be sung or played on an instrument such as santoor during the first part of the day.

Further Information

The raga has Teevra Madhyam at its heart, and revolves around that note, resting on Dha or Ga. A prominent movement in Hindol is the gamak, heavy and forceful oscillations particularly using Ma# and Dha. The Ni in the avarohana is very weak, and in most compositions it is used obliquely or often entirely avoided. Mostly pure classical genre of music like Khayals or Dhamars are composed in this raga.

Prahar 8 (3 am - 6 am)
Important Anuvaadi
Avaroha S'-D,MDND-MG-MG-S
Tanpura Tuning
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