Gorakh Kalyan Raag Description

Gorakh Kalyan is a very sweet melody. With only four notes in Aaroh: S R m D, its Jati is Surtar.

In this Raag, Madhyam is very strong and is a Vadi Swar as well as a resting note, which differentiates it from Raag Narayani where the Vadi Swar and Nyas Swar is Pancham. In Gorakh Kalyan, Komal Nishad of Mandra Saptak is also a resting note and a main characteristic of the Raag. Nishad is Varjya in Aaroh which makes this Raag different from Raag Bageshree. However Komal Nishad is used as an Alp Swar in Aaroh which enhances its beauty like ,D ; ,n R S ; ,n S R S.

While rendering D m a minute Kan of Pancham is allowed like: D (P)m or m (P)m . But some musicians differ on that and use Pancham sparingly in Avroh. This Raag can be expanded in all the three octaves. This Raag does not have Kalyan Ang. A pleasant and enchanting melodic mood is generated when we develop this Raag as follows:

S R m R S ,n ; ,D ,n ,D ,D S ; ,D S R ; R R m m R ; m m D ; n n D ; m D m R ; ,n ,D S ; S R m R ; m D S’ ; S’ R’ R’ S’ n D ; m R (P)m R ; ,n ,D S ; S R ,n ,D S ; ,n S R m R ; R m D m ; m D n D ; m D S’ ; n S’ R’ S’ ; D n D m ; m (P)m ; R S ,n ; R ,n ,D S ;

It is possible to get shades of rag Durga and Bageshri in Gorakh kalyan. However inclusion of flat Ni and restricted use of Pa in Gorakh kalyan helps to keep its identity distinct from both these rag-s.

Thaat Khamaj
Prahar6 (9 pm - 12 am)
Important Anuvaadin
Aaroha S-R-m-DnD-DS'
Tanpura Tuningm
Jaati Shadav-Shadav
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