Gaud Malhar Raag Description

Raag Gaud Malhar is a very popular Raag as it is very impressive and melodious. The Gaud Malhar Raag is also called Gaud by some musicians. This Raag is a combination of Gaud Ang, Shuddha Malhar Ang and Bilawal Ang.

In Aaroh, Poorvang starts with Gaud Ang like: S R G m ; m G m ; G R G (R)S ; R G m P m then this Raag makes its way into Malhar Ang like: S R G m ; m (m)R ; (m)R (m)R P; m P D (n)P ; G P m. In Aaroh, in Uttarang one may render, m P D S’ or m P D N S’ (Malhar Ang) or P P N D N S’ (Bilawal Ang). There are two ways to descend in Avroh, S’ D n P (Bilawal Ang) or S’ D P m (Shuddha Malhar Ang).

The Sangati S’ D P m ; D n P m ; m P D n P m G ; R G R S; is very pleasing. This melody is suited particularly to Vipralambh Shringar (separation of sweethearts). The following combinations are illustrative of the Raag:

S R G m ; m R ; m R (m)R P ; m P D (n)P ; m P D N S’ ; R’ S’ D n P ; D P m G P m ; P ; P N D N S’ ; S’ D P m ; m R (m)R ; P ; G P m ; S R G m ; G R G m ; G R G (R)S ;

Important Anuvaadi
Bhaav Shadj-Madhyam
Tanpura TuningP
Other Characteristics
Similar Raagas
Popular Film Songs1. Garajat barasat saawan aayo re
Film: Barsaat Ki Raat
Singers: Suman Kalyanpur Kamal Barot
Taala: Teen-Taal
Music Director: Roshan
Poet: Sahir Ludhiyanvi
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According to legend, raga Gaud Malhar is so powerful that when sung, it can induce rainfall. It is possible that the rainfall that the legends speak of is in fact metaphorical of the state of mind brought about by the recital of the raga.

There are many written accounts of Raga Gaud Malhar. Many great artists of the medieval period and much earlier periods used to sing this raga. Tansen, Baiju Bawra, Baba Ramdas, Nayak Charju, Miyan Bakhshu, Tantarang, Tanras Khan, Bilas Khan (son of Tansen), Hammer Sen, Surat Sen, and Meera are among the singers who are said to have been capable of starting rains using various kinds of Raga Malhar.

According to a legend, once the Mughal emperor Akbar asked his court musician Tansen to sing Raga Deepak, the raga of fire. The effect was such that all the lamps in the courtyard lit up themselves, and Tansen’s body became so hot that he had to sit in the nearby river to cool himself. However, the river began to boil, and it became apparent that Tansen would soon boil to death. He set out on a search to find someone who could sing Raga Malhar to cure him. In due course he reached Vadnagar, in Gujarat, where he found two sisters, Tana and Riri, whom he asked for help. They agreed to sing Raga Malhar to cure him. When they sang the Raga, rains came down in torrents, which cooled Tansen’s body immediately