A brass instrument is a musical instrument that is played by blowing through a mouth-piece in order to produce sounds with varying pitches and notes. They are often used to for parades and processions, as the players can march and play it at the same time. Brass bands are hugely popular in England.

Another name

Brass instruments are also called labrosones, which literally means ‘lip-vibrated instruments’.

Types of Brass instruments

Most of the modern brass instruments generally come in one of the two families:

  1. Valved brass instruments: These instruments use a set of valves that are operated by the player’s fingers. This family includes all of the modern brass instruments (except thetrombone)like the French horn, euphonium, and tuba, the cornet, flügelhorn, tenor horn (alto horn), baritone horn,sousaphone, mellophone, and the saxhorn. Valved instruments are predominant instruments in brass material today.
  2. Slide brass instruments: These instruments use a slide to change the length of tubing. The main instruments in this category are the trombone family, though valve trombones are also used, especially in jazz performances.

Variations of brass instruments

The four most popular brass instruments are listed below:

Trumpet: A trumpet is used mainly in playing classicaland jazz music. While classical music makes use of solo trumpet, other trumpets are used in orchestra. Sometimes, trumpets are also used to play short parts to emphasize certain sections in rock songs.

French horn: . French horns are created from the horns of some animals. In the 17th century,  the modern orchestra  developed significantly. Orchestras hadstarted playing for operas performances. Opera stories in those days were usually either about gods and goddesses, orkings and queens. Hunting scenes were common to most stories of that age. Hunters were asked to come and play their horns in the orchestra for these scenes. This is how the horn became an orchestral instrument.

Tuba:  A tuba is another brass instrument that comprises of 16 tubes in its standard form. The tuba is used in almost all areas of music, and can be found in orchestras, wind bands, brass bands, jazz groups, pop groups, brass ensembles and even in tuba quartets ( group of 4 musicians).

Trombone: A trombone is similar to a trumpet; except, the player pushes and pulls on slide to change the length of the tube. The name trombone comes from the Italian language which means large trumpet.

Types of Brass