Basant : Introduction

Basant is a raga (a South Asian musical melody) that appears in the Sikh tradition from northern India and is part of the Guru Granth Sahib.


Every raga has a strict set of rules which govern the number of notes that can be used; which notes can be used; and their interplay that has to be adhered to for the composition of a tune. In the Guru Granth Sahib, there are a total of 31 raga compositions and this raga is the twenty-fifth raga to appear in the series. The composition in this raga appear on a total of 29 pages from page numbers 1168 to 1197.


Basant is Pali/Punjabi word for “spring”. The word is much older than the Sikh religion and any usage of the word in relation to melody or Sikh tradition is a later rendition of the word.

Vaadi/Samvaadi S/P
Prahar8 (3 am - 6 am)
Important Anuvaadi
Tanpura TuningN
Other CharacteristicsRe is taken only in tar-saptak.Shuddh Ma is vivadi, but allowed for embellishment.Often performed in spring season.
Similar RaagasPoorvi
Popular Film Songs1. Ketaki gulab joohi champak ban phoole
Film: Basant Bahar
Singers: Manna Dey Bhimsen Joshi
Taala: Ek-taal
Music Director: Shankar Jaikishan
Poet: Shailendra
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