Asavari : Introduction

Asavari is a Hindustani classical raga. It belongs to the Asavari thāt and is performed in the morning hours.

Rag Asawari is considered to be the fundamental rag in Asawari that. There are several film songs in Asavari; one common one is “Mujhe Gale Se Laga Lo Bahut Udas Hun Main “. Asawvari is a morning rag. It is Audav – Sampurna due to the ommission of the Ga and Ni in the ascending structure. For those who still adhere to the Vadi/ Samvadi theory, it has been suggested that the vadi is Dha and the samvadi is Ga.

There are several rags which share the same that. Jaunpuri and Darbari Kanada are two of the most common examples. Therfore, it is important to pay attention to the pakad to keep from impinging upon them.

There is considerable disagreement concerning the Re. It seems that there are three schools of thought. The predominant view is that only shuddha Re is used. There is another school, which suggests that both shauddha and komal can be used. Finally, there are those that contend that only the komal Re be used. For the purposes of this website we will consider the first two to be within the bounds of Asavari, while the last one we will define to be “Komal Re Asavari”.

In north India Asawari is sung with Komal or Flat “Re” whereas in south Maharashtra Asawari is sung with shuddha or sharp “Re”. Both the varieties have their own beauty. Perhaps while singing fast taans in the Khayal Style of singing, Komal or Flat “Re” is rather difficult to place in the right position which might have prompted to use Shuddha “Re” The whole peculiarity of the raga rests on execution of the notes Ga, Pa and Dha. The raga form is more distinct in the Avaroha i.e. the descending structure.

Organization and relationships

The ragas closest to Asavari are Komal Rishabh Asavari and Jaunpuri and it is part of the Kanada Raga group

Raag Details

Non-Film Songs
Prahar2 (9 am - 12 pm)
Important AnuvaadiP
PakadR-m-P-S'-(n)d-P R-m-P-n-d-P
Tanpura TuningP
Other Characteristics
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